at hogwarts, scorpius gets christmas presents from a mystery sender. every years it’s the same, a bo

scorpius and albus severus are best friends, both in slytherin. set in 6th yr i think?

one day there’s an accident during potions and scorpius clothes melt off. the professor has to quickly vanish his clothes so that his skin doesn’t burn off. after that, albus has wet dreams to scorpius’ naked body.

at christmas, scorpius receives a present from a mystery sender. it’s a blue bottle of mist. when he uncaps it, his memories start playing like a hologram but they’re select memories.

the next yr he gets the same present but this time there’s a memory of him riding another man. they met in france i think? he doesn’t appear again in the story.

in the end they get together i think. i remember reading it on ao3. if anyone knows what this story is, please comment with the link! 😄😄

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so i got bored of my science

and started reading fanfiction.

not drarry fanfiction mind you.

yes, you guessed it, my non existent audience.

exo fanfiction.

my old favourites.

the kaisoo ones.

I still have them bookmarked xD

can I just say

even if you're not in the fandom, please just goddamn read anterograde tomorrow and arbitrage.

I just.

these stories hold a special place in my heart. I cant get over the passion, the emotion, the roller coaster.

those stories really had an effect on me.

they made me cry my heart out yet they made me feel better.

I have it better.

gosh the characterisation, the plot, the writing, all of it is sublime.

you don't even have to know the kpop idols, because these personalities were so unique and are just nothing like the real people.

the great thing about kpop is that you can create a whole new persona, a new facade, an entire new person. but just dedicate that story to that person.

our imaginations run wild. there is no "out of character". each character of that one person is unique, different and that's why we love it.

there's Jongin who's sweet, awkward and unintentionally sexy.

then there's the cocky, hilarious, sardonic version.

he's also sad. really sad. and he just needs someone. he just needs a person.

and the greatest thing is that none of these characters define him. the real life him may be all of these. he may be none of these. but we all still love him and support him nevertheless. he loves us too.

that's, I guess, why I felt like I had a gaping whole in my chest. it wasn't painful. it just felt...not right. too quiet.

so yeah, go read anterograde tomorrow by changdictator and arbitrage by fumerie

I really cried in anterograde. I was bawling. when I finished using about half of my tissue box, I reread that paragraph. and cried all over again. that happened several times. there will be times when you will want to curl up into a ball and apologise for everything. then there are times when you will want to break your screen out of indignant rage. but I guess that was just me. a fangirl. it's still spectactular though. I still tear up when I think about it. and I still get goosebumps.

arbitrage left me in a state of shock. I sat there, huddled up in my blankets, gingerly chewing my thumb nail and then I just stopped. my eyelids stopped blinking. I think I even forgot to breathe for a while. and then when it all came rushing out, and I started breathing again, I was just in awe. I felt like hugging this author so damn hard. their thinking and logic is just wow. I don't know if you'll agree but that's what I felt.

i dunno really

uh hey people of the interwebs

i'm an avid drarry shipper and have drarryphobia -> the fear of not shipping drarry 24/7 or the fear of not shipping drarry anymore

crazy fact: i've fallen out of a fandom.

it's crazy. but it happened.

last year i was absolutely crazy for this kpop boy goup. nah not sasaeng, definitely not sasaeng. i thought i was a devoted fan. i was saving money for their merchandise, and counting down the days when i could buy tickets to south korea to see them live.

my tumblr was dedicated to them. i even made a few edits. i was in the crack part of the fandom so it was all great fun.

until my depression got a stronger grip on me. and i slowly detached myself from social media. i hadn't read fanfiction in months, hadn't checked tumblr, hadn't even look at their faces...

and then when i logged back in tumblr for the first time (in forever~~) feels.

none. zilch.

it was disappointing. i felt like i kind of lost a part of me.

but i am still waiting for my Hogwarts letter and watching Disney movies.

there was a time in my life when i shipped mike and sulley. i mean, i still kind of do. theyre adorable in their own right. but i only ship them in human form. monster form is too innocent!

i love punk disney.

i love tattoos.

i love yummy food.

i love punk fashion. but also pastel and kawaii fashion as well.


i keep a lot of thoughts to myself.

i'm sad that none of my best friends go to the same school as me.

i don't go out much.

i'm cynical. well i pretend to think i am.